Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

1. I have this insane fear of people touching my toes. I'm afraid they are going to come out of the sockets.
2. I watch Sleeping With The Enemy EVERY time it's on T.V.
3. I have twin girls. They are identical in looks, but worlds apart in personality.
4. I think about my Dad and miss him every day.
5. I don't have many "bad hair" days, but often have bad eyelash days. (Only women will understand this.)
6. Finding Nemo and The Color Purple are my two favorite movies.
7. I'm always freezing, even when it's 120 degrees outside.
8. I could live off Coke, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and olives.
9. I believe in the power of prayer.
10. I'm trying to start my own collection of jewelry.
11. Ghirardelli chocolates are my favorite.
12. I loathe liars. Omission and lying are the exact same thing in my opinion.
12. I love the Free Hugs Campaign and cry every single time I watch the clip on
13. I wear my watch on my left arm.
14. I hope Obama can turn this economic situation around.
15. I rarely drink water at all.
16. I'm not wired to sugar coat my opinion when asked.
17. I read any thing and every thing I can get my hands on.
18. I only passed college algebra because the teacher had a crush on me.
19. I love pink roses.
20. A bee flew in my car today.
21. I am phobic about the dentist. I hate flossing because my teeth are so tight together.
22. I would prefer to NEVER wear shoes.
23. La Jolla, California is my favorite geographical location.
24. I have the hots for Edward Norton.
25. No matter how often I clean my house, there are always toys in the family room.


  1. haha, your so cute. i did this same thing on myspace one time. everyone thought i was nutts. lol.. maybe i should post mine on my blog.

    21. i can agree.

  2. Only toys in the living room, we have clothes, blankies, pillows, a cup or two, shoes to play in, wood and sand paper from Papa's shop, sometimes the broom from the shop, um should I go on, lol. Oh the joys of Motherhood. I really enjoyed this to learn about you. May the Lord bless you richly. Mama Cat

  3. I'll read just about anything as well, with only one exception, scary/creepy books, but I'm actually starting to get into those too.